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Released · Drama, History

Athlete Diana Nyad sets out at 60 to achieve a nearly impossible lifelong dream: to swim from Cuba to Florida across more than 100 miles of open ocean.

  • 7.1 /10
  • Annette Bening

    Annette Bening Diana Nyad

  • Jodie Foster

    Jodie Foster Bonnie Stoll

  • Rhys Ifans

    Rhys Ifans John Bartlett

  • Luke Cosgrove

    Luke Cosgrove Luke Tipple

  • Karly Rothenberg

    Karly Rothenberg Dee

  • Jeena Yi

    Jeena Yi Angel Yanigahara

  • Anna Harriette Pittman

    Anna Harriette Pittman Teenage Diana

  • Eric T. Miller

    Eric T. Miller Coach Jack Nelson

  • Garland Scott

    Garland Scott Jon Rose

  • Johnny Solo

    Johnny Solo Aris Nyad

  • Marcus Young

    Marcus Young Marcus-Diver

  • Erica Cho

    Erica Cho Naomi

  • Ethan Jones Romero

    Ethan Jones Romero Nico

  • Lilo Grunwald

    Lilo Grunwald Nina

  • Marcella Acuña Báez

    Marcella Acuña Báez Suzanne

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  • Elizabeth Chai VasarhelyiElizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi Director
  • Jimmy ChinJimmy Chin Director
  • Julia CoxJulia Cox Screenplay
  • Diana NyadDiana Nyad Book
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October 18, 2023 (last month)
United States of America
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