Your Lucky Day

Cashing in will cost you

Your Lucky Day

Released · Crime, Thriller

After a dispute over a winning lottery ticket turns into a deadly hostage situation, the witnesses must decide exactly how far they’ll go—and how much blood they’re willing to spill—for a cut of the $156 million.

  • 5.8 /10
  • Angus Cloud

    Angus Cloud Sterling

  • Elliot Knight

    Elliot Knight Abraham

  • Jessica Garza

    Jessica Garza Ana Marlene

  • Sterling Beaumon

    Sterling Beaumon Cody

  • Mousa Kraish

    Mousa Kraish Amir

  • Spencer Garrett

    Spencer Garrett Mr. Laird

  • Jason O'Mara

    Jason O'Mara Captain Rutledge

  • Jason Wiles

    Jason Wiles Dick

  • Sebastian Sozzi

    Sebastian Sozzi Dobbs

  • Jaylen Moore

    Jaylen Moore Hassan

  • Yuri Brown

    Yuri Brown Dawn in the Morning

  • Katherine LaVictoire

    Katherine LaVictoire Rhonda Rutledge

  • Dan BrownDan Brown Director
  • Dan BrownDan Brown Writer
Wide release
November 10, 2023 (4 weeks ago)
United States of America
1h 29m
Max position
49 · November 21, 2023 (15 days ago)
7 days in the Top 50