Turning Red

Growing up is a beast

Turning Red

Released · Animation, Family, Comedy, Fantasy

Thirteen-year-old Mei is experiencing the awkwardness of being a teenager with a twist – when she gets too excited, she transforms into a giant red panda.

  • 7.0 /10
  • 9.5 /10
  • 8.3 /10
  • Rosalie Chiang

    Rosalie Chiang Meilin 'Mei' Lee (voice)

  • Sandra Oh

    Sandra Oh Ming (voice)

  • Ava Morse

    Ava Morse Miriam (voice)

  • Hyein Park

    Hyein Park Abby (voice)

  • Maitreyi Ramakrishnan

    Maitreyi Ramakrishnan Priya (voice)

  • Orion Lee

    Orion Lee Jin Lee (voice)

  • Wai Ching Ho

    Wai Ching Ho Grandma (voice)

  • Tristan Allerick Chen

    Tristan Allerick Chen Tyler (voice)

  • James Hong

    James Hong Mr. Gao (voice)

  • Lori Tan Chinn

    Lori Tan Chinn Auntie Chen (voice)

  • Mia Tagano

    Mia Tagano Lily (voice)

  • Sherry Cola

    Sherry Cola Helen (voice)

  • Lillian Lim

    Lillian Lim Auntie Ping (voice)

  • Jordan Fisher

    Jordan Fisher Robaire (4*Town) (voice)

  • Finneas O'Connell

    Finneas O'Connell Jesse (4*Town) (voice)

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  • Domee ShiDomee Shi Director
  • Domee ShiDomee Shi Screenplay
  • Julia ChoJulia Cho Screenplay
Wide release
March 10, 2022 (2 years ago)
United States of America
1h 40m
Max position
50 · February 12, 2024 (5 months and 6 days ago)
8 days in the Top 50