LaRoy, Texas

It's important to finish things

LaRoy, Texas

Released · Crime, Comedy, Thriller

A man named Ray discovers his wife is cheating on him and decides to kill himself. Before he can pull the trigger, he is mistaken for a low-rent hired killer. Desperate for a little respect, and with nothing else to live for, Ray decides to take the job — and soon begins to question whether he made the right choice.

  • 7.1 /10
  • John Magaro

    John Magaro Ray

  • Steve Zahn

    Steve Zahn Skip Roche

  • Galadriel Stineman

    Galadriel Stineman Angie

  • Matthew Del Negro

    Matthew Del Negro Junior

  • Bob Clendenin

    Bob Clendenin Ben Finney

  • Brad Leland

    Brad Leland Adam Ledoux

  • Dylan Baker

    Dylan Baker Harry

  • Megan Stevenson

    Megan Stevenson Stacy-Lynn

  • Emily Pendergast

    Emily Pendergast Kayla

  • Alex Knight

    Alex Knight Officer Stevens

  • Rio Alexander

    Rio Alexander Pete

  • Darcy Shean

    Darcy Shean Midge LeDoux

  • Mimi Fletcher

    Mimi Fletcher Desk Sergeant Sullivan

  • Teagan Ireland

    Teagan Ireland Olive

  • Vic Browder

    Vic Browder James Barlow

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  • Shane AtkinsonShane Atkinson Director
  • Shane AtkinsonShane Atkinson Screenplay
Wide release
April 12, 2024 (last month)
United States of America
1h 50m
Max position
29 · April 15, 2024 (1 month and 10 days ago)
16 days in the Top 50